To all you adventurers out there, this one’s for you. It bewilders me how people can stand not exploring the wilderness. Boom, poetry.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the perfect time to climb Mt. Timpanogos. My friends and I set off on this epic quest with a thirst for adrenaline and adventure. Unfortunately, the path is pretty straightforward for most of the way, so I decided to make the smarter decision. I left my group without saying anything and started climbing up a dried stream. It was much more exhilarating, having to climb up small waterfalls and squeeze through bushes. However, I soon found that there was not a switchback directly ahead. I had no idea where the path would be, so I kept plodding upwards. I hit several impassable obstacle and had to circle around. I found some beautiful cliffs (made it totally worth it), and finally stopped by a big tree. I had been climbing for 45 minutes and was sure my friends thought I had died. That was the moment I saw the path not even two feet away from me. The, only 30 seconds later, my friends came around the corner and we all went on together.

Moral of this story: Leaving the path is okay if you don’t mind being lost for a while and know you’ll hit the path eventually.

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