I am in desperate need of new shoes. I have two pairs right now that I wear every day. One of them is an $8 pair of Walmart shoes that are barely classified as shoes anymore. The others are much nicer except for the fact that there are gigantic holes right in the middle of both soles. Whenever I wear them and it just so happens to be raining, I always come home with socks that are soaking wet. Now that it is finally starting to snow, it is getting critical. I desperately need to buy new shoes, but I don’t have the time because of finals and sleeping and partying. I don’t know what to do because all of those are necessary for survival except maybe finals. Oh well, maybe I will just walk around barefoot. It would probably be better anyways.

One thought to “I Need New Shoes”

  1. This is very relateable! Shoe shopping can be kind of a hassle, but trust me, you don’t want to wear hole-y shoes in the snow. I speak from personal experience. Here is some advice to enable you to shoe shop with swiftness and precision:

    1. Invest in a pair that will last a substantial amount of time. It might be tempting to buy a cheaper pair, but you really do get what you pay for when it comes to shoes.
    2. Shop online. Getting to a store is such a hassle, especially in college. Online shopping is a great alternative and requires practically no effort. Some stores even provide free return shipping, so, if you are unsure of your size in that particular shoe, just buy like 3 different sizes if possible and send back the misfits.
    3. There IS a balance between durability and style. You might be tempted to just buy hiking shoes that will last a few decades, but there are much better shoes out there that will still last you a good two years of everyday wear. Converse are a good place to start.

    Sorry for the huge comment full of obnoxious advice, but I hope that it proves to be useful. Just remember that shoes are a necessary investment because YOUR LITTLE PIGGIES ARE WORTH IT!!!

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