I have recently made a grave mistake. This one is dedicated to those gym goers out there.

There seems to be this silent agreement that 100 percent effort is the limit to our abilities. Well I am here to surprise you, for it is possible to exceed this barrier. Possibly, but extremely unwise. A couple days ago, I put everything I had into my workout at the gym, and it came back to bite me.

I walked out of the gym, sweat pouring down my forehead like a waterfall. My arms felt as if they were run over by a cement truck. However, I was not done quite yet: time to do a little run. I stepped onto the track and started a light jog. As I went along the first stretch, my arms suddenly flopped to my side. I tried with all my might, but was completely incapable of bringing my arms parallel to the ground. Throughout my whole run, my frustration built and built. Why in the world was I so exhausted that I could not even raise my arms? I made my way back to the dorms and took a shower. Fun fact, not being able to reach your head to wash your hair is absolutely terribly. I went to sleep that night dreading the soreness I knew would come.

Well, the soreness did come. It came so bad that I was physically unable to come even close to straightening my arms. Every time I bent them, an extreme amount of pain shot up my arm. Even putting on clothes or opening a door became a challenge. I tried loosening my muscles with a light workout, but it only got worse. It became so bad that I decided to go to the doctor to find out what I had done to myself. Come to find out, I have pulled both of my biceps and done something else that I did not understand. If you are wondering what it is like, I will simply tell you that you never, ever, ever, ever want to know.

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